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24×7 real-time monitoring, Incident Response, Gateway Monitoring, DPI-SSL, Endpoint Protection & Monitoring, Intrusion Prevention.


24/7 real-time Monitoring

Incident Response


Gateway Monitoring



Endpoint Protection & Monitoring


Intrusion Prevention

About Us

Tech Threat has a wealth of experience in a broad range of industry sectors and has successfully built long term partnerships with a worldwide client base, holding an established presence in the UK, USA, and the UAE, to name a few.

Don’t leave your security unchecked

Tech threat use the latest enterprise class tools to monitor and  protect you.

Our Winning Formula

Our Initial Audit will enable us to discover your vunerabilities.

We will effectivly plan your solution with your business needs in mind to run in the background.

Implementing our solutions, based on your audit, we can work to a deadline.

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